Author: Trae Martin

SSE Network Outage – Resolved

An issue affecting the connectivity of a subsection of the SSE Network has been resolved. This issue was first reported on Friday November 3rd.

Repairs within our upstream provider network are now complete and circuits are functioning at full capacity.

Work began this evening around 4:30pm to migrate customers off of our backup network and back to the primary connection.

The migration and testing work have now been completed.

Please contact Network Operations if you are still experiencing trouble.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for choosing Sonic!

SSE Network Outage – Update

We are still waiting on the completion of repairs within our upstream provider’s network and we currently have no ETR.

The emergency migration/backup implemented on Friday appears to be working with a few reports of packet loss that our engineering team is currently looking into.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the outage and appreciate your understanding and patience. Thank you for choosing Sonic!

Fiber Outage in Petaluma (Restored)

We are getting reports of a fiber outage issue affecting a number of our Sonic Business Fiber customers in Petaluma. We are actively investigating this issue and will update this space as more information becomes available.


Update: 1:52pm -  A fiber field technician has been dispatched out to isolate the cause of the issue.

Update: 2:27pm – We have isolated the cause to a fiber cut in the area and are sending a crew to repair the fiber. No ETR

Update: 4:13pm – Our fiber crew is on-site and working to get access to the damaged portion of cable. They hope to have the damaged cable replaced by 12:00pm, 11/12. We will update accordingly if this changes.

Update: 5:13pm – We have new information from our fiber splicing team. The current ETR is 12:01am 11/12.

Update: 11:26pm – A portion of customers have been repaired. There is still a small remaining set being actively worked on.

Update: 12:20am 11/12 – A majority of customers are now repaired. There are a small set of customers that are pending further review.

Update: 7:33am 11/12 – A majority of customers should still be working. We have isolated the remaining repairs and are waiting for further assessment to get an ETR.

Update: 9:22am 11/12 – The issue has been found and isolated. The current ETR is 10:30am 11/12

Update: 10:35am 11/12 – Service has been restored for all Sonic Business Fiber customers in Petaluma affected by this outage.