Fiber Outage in Petaluma (Restored)

We are getting reports of a fiber outage issue affecting a number of our Sonic Business Fiber customers in Petaluma. We are actively investigating this issue and will update this space as more information becomes available.


Update: 1:52pm -  A fiber field technician has been dispatched out to isolate the cause of the issue.

Update: 2:27pm – We have isolated the cause to a fiber cut in the area and are sending a crew to repair the fiber. No ETR

Update: 4:13pm – Our fiber crew is on-site and working to get access to the damaged portion of cable. They hope to have the damaged cable replaced by 12:00pm, 11/12. We will update accordingly if this changes.

Update: 5:13pm – We have new information from our fiber splicing team. The current ETR is 12:01am 11/12.

Update: 11:26pm – A portion of customers have been repaired. There is still a small remaining set being actively worked on.

Update: 12:20am 11/12 – A majority of customers are now repaired. There are a small set of customers that are pending further review.

Update: 7:33am 11/12 – A majority of customers should still be working. We have isolated the remaining repairs and are waiting for further assessment to get an ETR.

Update: 9:22am 11/12 – The issue has been found and isolated. The current ETR is 10:30am 11/12

Update: 10:35am 11/12 – Service has been restored for all Sonic Business Fiber customers in Petaluma affected by this outage.

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