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Mail Storage Maintenance.

Tonight at Midnight we will be performing maintenance on the NetApp Filers that store Customer E-Mail; there is no expected downtime during this period and will take less than an hour to be completed.

During this period we will be adding additional capacity to these Filers; this capacity will allow for future growth of Customer E-Mail storage and improved performance for all of Sonic.net’s E-Mail Customers.

–Augie, Don, William, Sal, and Kelsey.

Update: maintenance has been completed; no problems were encountered (other than starting later than scheduled); capacity was nearly doubled on our E-Mail Storage System.  –Augie

Mail Service Interuption.

Early this morning around midnight one of our clustered NetApp filers suffered a critical failure which caused one of its Ethernet Interfaces to lock up.  Some customers may have noticed timeouts or other errors when while trying to check their Mail. The total downtime for the service was around 15 minutes. We will be investigating the problem further with our vendor in the waking hours.  –Augie and Don.