Mail Service Interuption.

Early this morning around midnight one of our clustered NetApp filers suffered a critical failure which caused one of its Ethernet Interfaces to lock up.  Some customers may have noticed timeouts or other errors when while trying to check their Mail. The total downtime for the service was around 15 minutes. We will be investigating the problem further with our vendor in the waking hours.  –Augie and Don.

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  1. Just a question

    are you using VIFs on the cluster ? Using virtual interfaces protect you from individual component failures.. (they can also provide more bandwidth etc)

  2. I’ve been getting intermittent timeout errors on my IMAP email for a few days now. Was really bad yesterday. Just as I’m about to give SONIC a call, it clears up.

    Happening again this morning.

  3. @sysadmin Yes we use VIFs for the SAN interface; these NetApps have the nasty habit of on reboot getting their Interface wedged such that the VIF doesn’t automatically favor the other physical Ethernet.

  4. @Dave as far as our systems are concerned – we have not seen any intermittent failure events.

    We also all use the IMAP servers for our own work and personal e-mail and have not had any trouble.

    My suggestion would to give Support a call anyhow; they may have some helpful suggestions, and note when you see the failures happening and for how long, that way we may be able to correlate some other event, perhaps network activity.

  5. We noticed mail server authentication wasn’t working for about 15 mins around 4:35pm today. Both webmail and email clients (IMAP & POP) weren’t accepting login.

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