Month: September 2007

Salinas DSL Maintenance.

Wed Sep 26 11:52:46 PDT 2007 — Salinas DSL Maintenance. This Friday at 12:01 AM we will be performing maintenance on the backend systems that aggregate our Salinas DSL circuits. This maintenance will change the backend aggregation of this link to match all our other DSL circuits. The maintenance will result in approximately 15 minutes of downtime for all of our Salinas DSL customers. -Jared and Dusty Update Fri Sep 28 09:31:01 PDT 2007 — Due to unforseen complications, this maintenance has been postponed until 12:01 AM Tuesday, October 2. -Jared

Update Tue Oct 2 00:25:28 PDT 2007 — Salinas DSL Maintenance completed. Maintenance on our backend systems that aggregate Salinas DSL circuits was completed successfully. Total downtime for customers was 5 minutes. -Dusty and Jared

WBA Backbone Improvements.

Wed Sep 26 11:28:11 PDT 2007 — WBA Backbone Improvements. Yesterday we finished migration of our Santa Rosa wireless network to a redundant ring topology. The towers that provide service to wireless customers in Santa Rosa, Graton, Sebastopol, Kenwood, and Forestville are now redundantly backhauled. The new configuration both enables transparent maintenance on any of the backbone links and allows for seamless re-routing of traffic inside the network should a link fail. The result is that our wireless customers will see better performance and more stability in their connections. -Jared, Jason, Bryan, Nathan, and the Sonic NOC

Sundry Network Maintenance.

Wed Sep 26 17:42:53 PDT 2007 — Sundry Network Maintenance. This Saturday at 12:01 AM we will be performing hardware replacement on gear in our San Francisco POP that has shown signs of potential failure, as well as a minor enhancement to our San Jose POP infrastructure. A small subset of Business-T and DSL subscribers in LATA1, as well as all DSL subscribers in LATA6 will experience 5 minutes of downtime as we replace a suspect line card. All other maintenance should be non-impacting to customers. -Jared, Dusty, Matt, and Nathan

Mon Oct 1 19:16:45 PDT 2007 — Network Maintenance completed. All planned network maintenance was completed without problem. Customer downtime was less than 5 minutes for all customer-affecting work. -Jared, Dusty, Matt, and Nathan

Name server upgrades.

Tue Sep 25 09:12:41 PDT 2007 — Name server upgrades. All of our public facing Name servers have been upgraded to use PowerDNS (; PowerDNS is a modern, advanced, and high performance Name Server. This upgrade allows us to continue offering rapid and reliable DNS services to our customers as well as pave the road for future features. -Augie and the SOC.

San Francisco POP Network Expansion Complete.

Fri Sep 14 16:20:02 PDT 2007 — San Francisco POP Network Expansion Complete. Over the last few months, Network Operations has been working tirelessly to re-engineer and upgrade the core and back-end portions of our San Francisco Point Of Presence, the largest node in our ring around the Bay Area. The work completed in the previous two nights marks the end of numerous night operations and upgrades to the POP. These enhancements provide us with plenty of headroom for future growth as well as additional network flexibility. –The NOC (Nathan, Jared, Matt, and Dusty)

Scheduled network maintenance.

Tue Sep 11 18:27:55 PDT 2007 — Scheduled network maintenance. At 12:01AM on Thursday, September 13th, and 12:01AM on Friday, September 14th, we will be upgrading the core switching infrastructure at one of our colo facilities in San Francisco. There should be no associated service interruptions of any kind; however, with work of this nature, there is the possibility of minor interruptions. Maintenance should last no longer than 1 hour each night. Network Operations

Emergency DSL Maintenance.

Wed Sep 5 23:15:17 PDT 2007 — Emergency DSL Maintenance. One of our DSL aggregation router’s uplinks are close to saturation, reducing performance for all customers terminated on the affected router. We will be migrating customers on this router to another router shortly. Customers affected by the move will experience approx. 10 minutes of downtime during the move. -Jared and Dusty

Update Thu Sep 6 00:52:29 PDT 2007 — Emergency DSL Maintenance completed. As of 12:15 AM Thursday, Sept. 6, we completed the migration of customers to a new DSL aggregation router. Downtime for all affected customers was less than three minutes. -Jared and Dusty

Bay Area DSL outage.

Mon Sep 3 21:47:21 PDT 2007 — Bay Area DSL outage. At 11:40am today, we detected a large number of customers in the Millbrae, Berkeley, and Oakland areas experiencing sync-no-surf connectivity outages. Initial work with AT&T indicated a configuration change in their ATM cloud was at issue, but no ETR was determined. At 7:55pm today, a similar outage was detected in portions of Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and the south peninsula (Menlo Park / Palo Alto) area. Technical Support and Network Operations are working with AT&T on these ongoing outages. Only DSL in the San Francisco Bay Area is affected; DSL in other areas and other means of connectivity are working normally. -John F

Mon Sep 3 23:04:53 PDT 2007 — As of 10:40pm, most areas affected by todays DSL outages, both those starting at 7:55am and those starting at 10:40am appear to be resolved. -John F