Sundry Network Maintenance.

Wed Sep 26 17:42:53 PDT 2007 — Sundry Network Maintenance. This Saturday at 12:01 AM we will be performing hardware replacement on gear in our San Francisco POP that has shown signs of potential failure, as well as a minor enhancement to our San Jose POP infrastructure. A small subset of Business-T and DSL subscribers in LATA1, as well as all DSL subscribers in LATA6 will experience 5 minutes of downtime as we replace a suspect line card. All other maintenance should be non-impacting to customers. -Jared, Dusty, Matt, and Nathan

Mon Oct 1 19:16:45 PDT 2007 — Network Maintenance completed. All planned network maintenance was completed without problem. Customer downtime was less than 5 minutes for all customer-affecting work. -Jared, Dusty, Matt, and Nathan

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