Month: December 2008

PHP upgrades on our web cluster

We have just finished upgrading PHP on our webcluster.
PHP4 has been upgraded to version 4.4.9 and PHP5 has been upgraded to version 5.2.8.
These newer versions contain bug and security fixes.  -William and the SOC.

2008 Holiday Party will be closed from 1:00pm until 6:00pm PST on Friday the 12th of December for our year-end staff party. If you should need assistance, please email or leave a voicemail for Technical Support at 707-547-3400.  Technical Support will reopen at 6:00pm. Dedicated access and colo customers can always reach us 24×7 on the Network Operations Hotline. -Kim

Personal Data Backup Service Launch

We officially launched our personal data backup service today. This full featured secure on-line backup services is currently available free to all residential customers with a limited 500mb quota for each of the computers setup with an account. This allows all of our users to take advantage of this service to protect their sensitive files from accidental deletion or catastrophic hardware failure. If this isn’t enough space, you may purchase or upgrade the account to 50 gb of online backup space for $4.95 a month per computer at any time. We will also be launching a backup service tailored to the needs of our business users soon.

For more information please see our earlier blog post and the backup service sales page.

Massive DDoS Attack

At approximately 9:30 PM tonight, an IP in our network was the target of a massive Distributed Denial of Service attack. We were alerted to the attack and blocked it at our edge quickly, but the size of the attack was large enough to congest some of our upstream network connections. This would have resulted in limited or poor connectivity to most Internet sites. This persisted for another 5-10 minutes as we were isolating the affected upstream providers and beginning to contact them to have them block the DoS in their network, however, the DoS stopped before that was necessary.

At this time the network appears normal, and we have taken steps to prevent the DoS target from being attacked again. We apologize for this network interruption.

-Jared and Nathan

Chico Area DSL Outage

An ATM port in San Francisco failed at approximately 8:30am.  This port serves all of our DSL customers hosted in Chico.  We’ve been working for the last 30 minutes to move all Chico customers to alternate hardware.  We expect this process to be complete in the next 10 to 15 minutes.

We apologize for the outage and are working to restore connectivity as soon as possible.  In the mean time, folks with immediate connectivity needs do have working dial-up services available.  -Dusty, Jared and Nathan

Update: All customers in Chico should now be on-line. Total time from event to restoration was approximately 40 minutes. -Nathan and Jared