Personal Data Backup Service Launch

We officially launched our personal data backup service today. This full featured secure on-line backup services is currently available free to all residential customers with a limited 500mb quota for each of the computers setup with an account. This allows all of our users to take advantage of this service to protect their sensitive files from accidental deletion or catastrophic hardware failure. If this isn’t enough space, you may purchase or upgrade the account to 50 gb of online backup space for $4.95 a month per computer at any time. We will also be launching a backup service tailored to the needs of our business users soon.

For more information please see our earlier blog post and the backup service sales page.

11 comments for “Personal Data Backup Service Launch

  1. Great news. Is there any chance of us Linux folks making use of this backup space, even if it’s a DIY solution on our end via some standard API?

  2. Very exciting! However, I’ve downloaded the client and it doesn’t like my “Login Name”. Is this not yet ready for prime time?

  3. @Larry – What is the error message you’re running into? Also, did you create a backup service account before trying to sign in, or are you trying to use your normal account?

  4. The login for the backup software is created when you sign up for the service, and is structured as username@computername

    This seems to have come up a few times since launch so I thought I would mention it here.

    If you are having trouble logging in to the service please do not hesitate to email or contact us via telephone for assistance.

  5. Will there be an announcement when this service is available for Linux? All I would need is ssh access to the backup disk space and I would sign up pronto. Then I could finally quit carrying around my external hard drive everywhere I go:)

  6. Ditto Emil’s comment. ssh + rsync + encryption makes all the linuxoids happy.


  7. Linux support will be available as part of the ‘Business Backup’ service when it is made available.

  8. I saw the article in the Press Democrat and noticed the Back-up service. Is this available to people who do nto have a sonic account? I have free broadband at my home so I don’t need a sonic account, but like the idea of using a local company for my back-up needs. Thanks!

  9. @Pete – By definition you’d have a account upon signing up for backup service. That said, the tools we have for added backup service currently assume that there is already a account to attach it to.

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