Author: Jack Wanke

SSE Network Outage

Early this morning there was an outage on the SSE network due to hardware failures on upstream provider infrastructure. This outage affected a subset of the SSE network. Sonic has been working closely with our partner organizations to get timely repairs coordinated in order to address the root cause of this outage.

In the meantime, Sonic engineers delivered another solution to restore connectivity. Sonic has deployed new hardware that accepts customer traffic in order to restore customer services and has verified this to be a successful solution while we await the completion of repairs within the upstream provider network.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the previous outage and we appreciate your patience and understanding. We are committed to providing you with the best possible internet experience and we thank you for choosing us as your provider.

Instability in San Francisco Area

Earlier today (2023-11-01) around 2:50PM Sonic observed a brief period of instability as customers in and around the Sunset District of San Francisco lost internet connectivity. Over the last hour we’ve ensured services are restored and we’re actively monitoring the situation to ensure services remain stable. If you’re still experiencing trouble, please contact us at our support options listed here:

Northern California Private Ethernet Transport Instability

Earlier this morning Sonic Engineers discovered some instability in the network that’s affecting Private Ethernet Transport services. At this point we’ve isolated the issue to traffic passing through some core network equipment in Santa Rosa. Network Engineers are actively investigating the issue. There is no ETR at this time.

Update: (Wed Jun 7 12:14 PM PDT 2023) Sonic is aware of some routing issues within the Santa Rosa area. Engineers are currently performing emergency maintenance on equipment in Santa Rosa in order to stabilize the network.

Update: (Wed Jun 7 12:52 PM PDT 2023) Emergency maintenance is still ongoing. This may impact some services including internet access, voice, and private ethernet transports as routing shifts across the network.

Update: (Wed Jun 7 02:36 PM PDT 2023) Sonic Engineers have identified and addressed the root cause of the original instability, however the team is still working towards restoring services that were affected during the emergency maintenance.

Update: (Wed Jun 7 04:21 PM PDT 2023) Sonic Engineers have been monitoring network activity and the situation has stabilized after the emergency maintenance performed earlier this afternoon.

Enterprise SSE Platform – Intrusive Maintenance

Wednesday, April 5th, starting at 2:00AM PST, a subset of enterprise SSE customers will experience a brief service interruption while we perform emergency maintenance. The expected downtime is about 30 minutes. The maintenance window will be 2 hours.

-Network Operations Center

Sonic Routing Instability

This morning Sonic noticed routing instability within our network and began emergency maintenance on the affected equipment to bring back normal network operations. This instability affected many of our enterprise circuits. We are currently in the process of restoring normal IPv4 and IPv6 routing for these circuits and believe the issue is resolved. If you are still having issues with your enterprise circuit you can reach out to our Network Operations Center.

Instability with Phone Services

Update: 2:23pm – After working with our vendor, the Engineering team has been able to make progress on resolving the issue. At this point in time services appear stable and we’ll be monitoring the situation closely.

Update: 1:11pm – Cause of the symptoms has been identified and we are working steadily to resolve. Scope of the service impact has been confirmed to intermittently affect call completion (sending, receiving calls) as well.

Update: 11:18am – Reported symptoms include call transfers and call parks not functioning correctly, and line monitoring status. We have seen no reported issues thusfar with residential or small business phone services. This seems to be isolated to Enterprise/Sonic Business Phone. We are working with our vendors to resolve this. Updates to follow upon meaningful change in state or more information available.


Our Network Engineering team is currently investigating instability with phone services on the Sonic network. We’re working closely with our vendors to restore full functionality of our voice services. At present the full list of features impacted is unknown, more updates to come.

Faxback Server Maintenance

Friday 5/13/2022 06:00AM we will be performing emergency maintenance on our Faxback Server. This maintenance will only affect Enterprise Faxback services. The expected downtime is 15 minutes, and the maintenance window is 2 hours.

Novato Outage

Update (Nov 30 15:00:34 PST 2020): At this point in time the fiber optic cabling that was damaged has been repaired and customer services are restored.

Update (Nov 30 14:00:15 PST 2020): Significant progress has been made with repairs of the damaged fiber optic cabling. This post will get updated when service has been fully restored.

Update (Nov 30 11:56:22 PST 2020): The issue appears to be with fiber optic wiring serving the equipment in Novato. We have technicians working to repair the affected cabling and will post more updates as the repairs proceed.

Our team is currently investigating an outage in Novato that will affect all Fiber customers. We currenlty do not have an ETR for service restoration, but more updates will come.

Los Angeles Outage

** Update – Issue Resolved as of 10:12pm 8/19/2019 **

After an emergency repair dispatch, all customers in the Los Angeles area affected by the fiber outage appear to be back online. If you believe you were affected and are still down, please reach out to us right away.


This afternoon, August 19th, a subset of our enterprise customers in the Los Angeles area have been affected by an outage. We’re currently working to resolve the issue and this post will be updated when more information is available.