Northern California Private Ethernet Transport Instability

Earlier this morning Sonic Engineers discovered some instability in the network that’s affecting Private Ethernet Transport services. At this point we’ve isolated the issue to traffic passing through some core network equipment in Santa Rosa. Network Engineers are actively investigating the issue. There is no ETR at this time.

Update: (Wed Jun 7 12:14 PM PDT 2023) Sonic is aware of some routing issues within the Santa Rosa area. Engineers are currently performing emergency maintenance on equipment in Santa Rosa in order to stabilize the network.

Update: (Wed Jun 7 12:52 PM PDT 2023) Emergency maintenance is still ongoing. This may impact some services including internet access, voice, and private ethernet transports as routing shifts across the network.

Update: (Wed Jun 7 02:36 PM PDT 2023) Sonic Engineers have identified and addressed the root cause of the original instability, however the team is still working towards restoring services that were affected during the emergency maintenance.

Update: (Wed Jun 7 04:21 PM PDT 2023) Sonic Engineers have been monitoring network activity and the situation has stabilized after the emergency maintenance performed earlier this afternoon.

5 comments for “Northern California Private Ethernet Transport Instability

  1. Would this be effecting business customers in Bel Marin Keys, Novato? Seeing some latency and occasional packet loss.

  2. Chris, yes the emergency maintenance and resulting routing changes across the network can affect both business and residential users. It’s possible to witness small amounts of packet loss and latency while these routing changes are happening.

  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes…the trace right now to is pretty long at 18 hops, with some lite packet loss and latency here in there. Hoping it improves. Thanks!

  4. June 8th 11AM, service is completely down for over two hours in 94952.

    No answer on support line. Twitter @sonic_status is useless.

    Price goes up and services goes down!

  5. Hello Zane,

    This service issue has stabilized. Please reach out to support again so we can determine what may be causing your service issue. Support is available by calling (707)-547-3400 between 8am and 10pm 7 days a week.

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