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Mail Service Interuption.

Early this morning around midnight one of our clustered NetApp filers suffered a critical failure which caused one of its Ethernet Interfaces to lock up.  Some customers may have noticed timeouts or other errors when while trying to check their Mail. The total downtime for the service was around 15 minutes. We will be investigating the problem further with our vendor in the waking hours.  –Augie and Don.

Intermittent mail delivery problem from Customer Web Cluster.

Today we fixed a problem on the Customer Web Cluster that would have effected mail flow from Customer scripts on our Web Cluster that were using the local Sendmail program to send e-mail. The problem began on Sunday and would have appeared as an intermittent failure to Customer scripts as only two of the servers in our Web Cluster displayed the problem.

We will be crafting more detailed monitoring so that we can resolve this problem much faster in the future.

–Augie and William.