Intermittent mail delivery problem from Customer Web Cluster.

Today we fixed a problem on the Customer Web Cluster that would have effected mail flow from Customer scripts on our Web Cluster that were using the local Sendmail program to send e-mail. The problem began on Sunday and would have appeared as an intermittent failure to Customer scripts as only two of the servers in our Web Cluster displayed the problem.

We will be crafting more detailed monitoring so that we can resolve this problem much faster in the future.

–Augie and William.

4 comments for “Intermittent mail delivery problem from Customer Web Cluster.

  1. I’ve noticed slow or non-response connectivity since last week. Sometimes the delay is long and just drops the action and sometimes the delay is very short with the error message below.

    SquirrelMail and general internet use is still experiencing problems with this error message:
    error connecting to IMAP server: localhost.
    110: connection time out.

  2. Hi Carey,

    The problem described by Augie and William has to do with the ability of scripts on our customers websites to send email. It wouldn’t interfere with your ability to check or send email through Squirrelmail. I apologize for the ambiguity of the original message.

    We are aware of the problem with Squirrelmail that you’ve described, but I’m sorry to say that we have not been able to find a solution. It’s one of the reasons that we’ve made a move over to a more modern webmail platform with an active development team working with us to fix any problems that arise. The new webmail platform is available at:

  3. Hi Adam,

    I switched to the atmail format this morning. I’m experiencing similar problems with slow response on the atmail format.

  4. Hi again Carey,

    Are you still getting that same “error connecting to IMAP server: localhost” you received on Squirrelmail? That would be very strange indeed. You mentioned that you were having intermittent problems surfing webpages as well. If that’s still the case, you may want to call the company currently providing your internet access.

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