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Webmail Upgrade

On Friday, April 15th at approximately 11 PM, webmail.sonic.net will be temporarily unavailable while it is upgraded.  We expect this to take approximately 1-1.5 hours to complete.  Mail services such as IMAP and POP will remain available and webmail-beta.sonic.net can be used during this time to retrieve mail.

Please see this forum post for more information.  If you haven’t already, we encourage you to try the beta and report any issues regarding features or functionality that you use in the current version.  Please note that settings between beta and production are separate, but all mail and folders are synchronized between the two.


Brief webmail outage

This morning at approximately 10:00 AM a small number of customers may have experienced issues when connecting to our webmail cluster. One of the servers in our webmail cluster started experiencing issues which caused connections to be slower then normal and may have led to browser timeouts. Since connections to the problematic server were slow and not completely failing, our load balancer thought the server was still running correctly and didn’t pull it out of rotation for live traffic. Coincidentally the server in question was scheduled to be replaced today. We are also going to review the configuration of our load balancer so we can prevent problems like this from happening in the future.  -William and the SOC



A small number of customers may have experienced trouble reaching our webmail services from approximately 2:30pm to 3:30pm. This was due to a configuration mismatch between old and new servers. System Operations has performed the necessary fixes to ensure better stability and capacity for the future.

— Joe and the SOC

Scheduled webmail database maintenance

Starting at 12:30AM this morning, I will be performing maintenance to our databses which serve all our webmail interfaces. During this time, access to these interfaces will be interrupted for a short period of time, however these actions do not interfere with mail flow in any way. This does not have any effect on IMAP or POP services. –Don

Update: The maintenance on our webmail databases has been completed without incident. All Sonic.net Webmail interfaces are back online.

Squirrelmail config database maintenance

This morning at 12:01AM I performed some needed maintenance on our Squirrelmail configuration database. Some customers may have been unable to update their settings in Squirrelmail during this time. Customer impact was approximately 3 minutes. During this time, I also upgraded our Squirrelmail installation to the latest stable production version.  -Don

Webmail Web Site Time-Warp.

A misguided attempt to update some software on our Webmail Cluster inadvertently took the software, associated web pages, and server configuration back to January of this year.

As a result Customers would have seen inconsistent or broken behavior while trying to access the website from around 2:30am to 8:00am, at which point the data was restored from backups.

We applogize for any inconvenience this caused to our Customers; we will be reviewing our documented procedures so that this type of mistake does not occur in the future.