Brief webmail outage

This morning at approximately 10:00 AM a small number of customers may have experienced issues when connecting to our webmail cluster. One of the servers in our webmail cluster started experiencing issues which caused connections to be slower then normal and may have led to browser timeouts. Since connections to the problematic server were slow and not completely failing, our load balancer thought the server was still running correctly and didn’t pull it out of rotation for live traffic. Coincidentally the server in question was scheduled to be replaced today. We are also going to review the configuration of our load balancer so we can prevent problems like this from happening in the future.  -William and the SOC



A small number of customers may have experienced trouble reaching our webmail services from approximately 2:30pm to 3:30pm. This was due to a configuration mismatch between old and new servers. System Operations has performed the necessary fixes to ensure better stability and capacity for the future.

— Joe and the SOC

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  1. It’s more than brief. Been having intermittent problems, and now a complaint about the website’s security certificate.

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