New news box up.

Sat Feb 15 13:58:55 PST 1997 — New news box up. Our new news box (‘Marine’, Ultra’s replacement) is currently up and talking to the new 24Gb disk array (six 4 Mb Barracudas). Our plans are to get the filesystems built, and then run it for a week ‘mirroring’ our news server. That way, we can hammer the disk array some more, as well as spool up a goodly amount of news. Once that is completed, we’ll swap IP addresses between Ultra-Marine, and reverse our mirror feed, so that we can back out of this change if necessary. Once we’re comfortable with that, we’ll move the 9Gb disk to the new machine. This should be a fairly seamless upgrade, assuming the RAID subsystem does its job. (That’s why we’re testing, testing, testing the thing — we want it to work! 🙂 -Scott

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