Trials of our new web server software started

Wed Mar 12 03:15:23 PST 1997 — Trials of our new web server software started yesterday. We’ve grafted our locally-developed authentication libraries into our web server software, which means the web server can verify a member’s password (via an authentication server) before offering ‘intranet’ services. Some example applications we’ve planned to offer via a web interface: password changes; support for Netscape Gold and Microsoft Frontpage publication; even an ‘account status’ page where members can update their mailing address in our database. While the latter may take a while, we plan to offer the former (password changes) sometime this week — assuming the trials work out. We are conducting trials on a testbed server, and plan to put this new server into production as ‘’ in a day or two. Please read the ‘’ newsgroup for more propellor-head information. -Scott

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