Our 547-2000 ISDN hunt group is back in…

Wed Apr 16 22:04:48 PDT 1997 — Our 547-2000 ISDN hunt group is back in operation. Apparently, at some point after 6pm, our equipment was unable to register SPIDs with PacBell’s ISDN switch. So, a port would be usable until a disconnect, at which point it would go into ‘NO-SERVICE’ state. Rebooting the ISDN router resulted in ‘NO-SERVICE’ on all ports, as well as ‘NT-1 attached, but telco isn’t there’ messages. We regained service just before 10pm. Priority Repair was unable to tell me what happened, so all I know is that a) we didn’t change anything, and b) when I rebooted the ISDN router (around 8pm), it had been up for 56 days. -Scott

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