Pacific Bell’s repairs on Saturday went well,

Tue Sep 9 22:06:27 PDT 1997 — Pacific Bell’s repairs on Saturday went well, but now we’ve had other minor troubles. Sonic added 64 new X2 lines to our dialup group a few weeks ago, and put hardware on some of those lines on Friday of last week. Unfortunately, the lines were not properly configured when they were installed by Bell, and they were not used when the group got full on Monday night. So, Monday and Tuesday evening we had some intermittent busy signals. Bell has promised repair by early AM, so we shouldn’t see this any more. Previously usage has been kept low by Bell’s capacity issues (see previous MOTD, Sep 3 1997), so this wasn’t an issue until their internal fix on Saturday. If it’s not one thing, it’s another, but Bell’s doing a good job! -Dane

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