We’ve had some problems this evening with…

Mon Sep 29 19:14:55 PDT 1997 — We’ve had some problems this evening with interactions between deployed releases of Livingston’s ComOS, which runs on our dialup access servers (pm to pm15). This caused problems with our primary authentication server. Basically, too many requests were generated, and the access server wouldn’t wait for a delayed response, but would generate yet more requests. This resulted in a snowballing situation where the authentication server could not keep up. Our Computone equipment was willing to ask a secondary server for authentication, but the Livingston gear seemed to assume that if it could connect, it would get a response, and just kept asking for one.

We’ve upgraded the operating systems on all of these devices, and in the process, managed to boot lots of folks offline as they were rebooted. Sorry about that – if your connection got terminated tonight, that’s probably why. It’s for the greater good, as the new OS is more stable and shouldn’t have problems like this one. -Dane

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