We’ve been working on upgrades of Thunder and

Fri Oct 24 07:55:12 PDT 1997 — We’ve been working on upgrades of Thunder and Ultra this morning, so you may have noticed a bit of downtime in the early AM. Thunder’s large disk array was inconsistent, so currently Thunder is doing a filesystem check and is mounted read-only. Users cannot maintain their webspace until this is complete, and some web tools and cgi programs will not function because they cannot write to the disk. This should be complete shortly.

Thunder did get moved into a new chassis, and has had a motherboard upgrade. The new board has more cache per CPU, and that’s active now, but the SMP (dual CPU) support is not turned on, as we need to build a new kernel. During that reboot we’ll also be turning on the rest of the memory, going from 128M to 256M of ECC EDO RAM. We will also be working on Ultra’s on board 100Mbps full duplex Ethernet adapter today. If that works well, we’ll do the same on Thunder. Next will be a test copy of Thunder’s RAID array to the NetApp filer, and then deployment to the NetApp. -Dane and Scott

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