A summary of recent upgrades: * email…

Sun Dec 28 21:17:22 PST 1997 — A summary of recent upgrades: * email mailboxes moved to Network Appliance file server (faster,safer) * attached 12GB RAID-5 disk array to shell server (will be /home) To save typing, we’ll start calling that disk array by its product name: ‘Reflex7’. Planned upgrades for the near-term: * Reflex7 to become /home partition on shell server. * Mail server upgrade: new hardware, new OS installation, new message transport and delivery system (Qmail, Procmail) We postponed this morning’s replication of /home to the Reflex7, as that would result in an uncomfortable amount of downtime. Instead, we will use a two-pass system, same as we did when moving web data to the Network Appliance. This will minimize downtime. -Scott

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