We’ve just added more drive space to our…

Tue Jan 20 19:41:32 PST 1998 — We’ve just added more drive space to our Network Appliance NFS filer. The filer now has eight four gig disks in service, including the parity disk and a hot spare. This upgrade was done during heavy utilization, and because of the way the NetApp is designed, no services were interrupted. The disk is plugged in, the filer spends 15 minutes preparing it, and then all of the mounted hosts have more space! Zero downtime. Here’s before and after df output: Filesystem kbytes used avail capacity Mounted on / 17237284 16438352 798932 95% / And 20 minutes later, after the disk is installed: / 20684744 16310496 4374248 79% /

The filer has room for four more four gig disks in it’s current storage shelves, and we can add two more shelves to the unit in the future for a total raw storage capacity of about 96 gigs. -Dane

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