We’ve isolated the problem with false busy…

Wed Jan 28 18:30:47 PST 1998 — We’ve isolated the problem with false busy signals as a bug in the implimentation of the DMS 100 custom switch protocol in USR’s MP16I equipment. We’ve asked PacBell to reprovision all of the lines which are affected (104 BRI lines, 208 ports) to the National ISDN 2 switch protocol, and they are coordinating and scheduling this now. If you are hearing a fast busy, also known as a reorder tone, you can avoid this problem by dialing ‘*82,’ before the access number you are calling. This problem affects customers in almost all of our v.32 and X2 points of presense, including customers calling 522-1001. If you suspect that you may be affected by this, use a regular telephone on the phone line which you use for your modem and dial 522-1002, the line which serves X2, plus overflow for v.34 callers. If you hear the fast busy, add ‘*82,’ to your dial string. We’re hoping that PacBell can coordinate the reprovisioning of these lines for tommorow morning (Thursday AM) between 2AM and 6AM. During this time, 522-1002 will be unavailable, as we’ll be reprogramming all of the modems with the new switch protocol and new SPID numbers. We will probably also take advantage of this opportunity to flash upgrade the X2 gear to the latest firmware, as we’re running 2.1.5 and 2.2.2 was recently released.

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