We’ve had a brief power outage here, and some

Thu Feb 5 11:53:44 PST 1998 — We’ve had a brief power outage here, and some users connections were terminated. We’re working on a new power plant, but until PG&E and the electrical folks are finished, we’ve got five terminal servers and some modems which are not on protected power. The new power plant upgrade gives us lots of room to grow, plus uninterruptable power for all facilities including air conditioning. Speaking of air conditioning, we are working today on an AC upgrade. We’re replacing an aging 3 ton Carrier unit with a new 5 ton Trane. A massive crane was here at 6AM putting it all on the roof, and they’re still working on hooking it all up. We’re keeping cool, so there’s no worries about overheating currently. This upgrade is what caused the power outage. A loose screw on the power panel bus under the new AC units new breaker caused a short circuit which tripped the facility’s main circuit breaker. To make things even more exciting, Trane shipped us a 3 ton unit instead of a 5 ton, and the installation folks didn’t realize this until it was already partially installed. We’ll have the big crane back here tommorow, and we’ll do the whole thing over again with another unit. It’s been an interesting morning. -Dane

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