A power event a few minutes ago made a reboot

Tue Apr 14 15:03:38 PDT 1998 — A power event a few minutes ago made a reboot necessary on our Pop Mail, and List delevery hosts. The event was interesting in that it bypassed our backup power supplies! Total downtime was less than 15 minutes, during which Email services were not available. Sorry for the delay! -Eli

Update – it wasn’t a power event, it was a network attack. Someone sent an improperly formed packet to a huge number of systems on our network, and some which had not been updated crashed and rebooted themselves. Affected systems were tsunami (add-on mailbox accounts), afterburner (list processing), marine (outbound mail relay), blam and slam (local routers) and a few tech workstations. These systems had not been updated to Linux kernel 2.0.32+. Shouldn’t happen again, they’ve all got new kernels! -Dane

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