Because of ongoing intermittant problems with

Sat Jun 13 23:21:45 PDT 1998 — Because of ongoing intermittant problems with (which serves 522-1003), we’ve flashed it to a different firmware version. USR claims that this new engineering release will fix the odd troubles that we’ve had with the equipment’s operating system. When it failed, we had problems with long FTP transfers and with network routing.

Update – the new engineering release would not allow users to authenticate, so we were forced to back up to the previous release of the OS. This leaves us with the intermittant FTP and routing issues. If you notice problems, let us know and we’ll reboot the device, meanwhile we’ve asked the USR support list for advice. -Dane

Update (Mon Jun 15 18:43:31 PDT 1998) – We’ve managed to get the engineering release to load, and the device seems to be a bit more stable. Hopefully this will end troubles with 522-1003! -Dane and Brian

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