Tomorrow morning (Sunday 21st), between 12am…

Sat Jun 20 18:01:28 PDT 1998 — Tomorrow morning (Sunday 21st), between 12am and 3am, we will be moving some of our backbone equipment into the newly expanded machine room. The only noticable impact should be moving our core router, which will result in approximately 10 minutes downtime. We expect to perform that move between between 2 and 3am. -Scott and Dane

Update – the move is complete, and it went very smoothly. Total downtime while we moved the core router was under 10 minutes at 3:35AM PST. We migrated our six data T1 circuits and two T3 circuits into the new datacenter, and also moved their connections to our new Extreme Networks Gigaswitch. More servers will be migrated into this facility and into this new core network switch in the next couple weeks. -Dane, Scott and Dustin

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