We have deployed cool new tools to allow…

Fri Jul 31 17:36:49 PDT 1998 — We have deployed cool new tools to allow users to more easily manage their accounts. These new member tools are available at the following URL:


Features include the ability to add, remove and modify domain names, multihomes and email boxes instantly. Users who have their own domain names can edit email aliases for the domain so they can fully control how mail is handled on a per-domain basis. Users with multihomed websites can modify the subdirectory which the multihome points to. All customers can also change their personal information such as address and telephone number, and can also select how many months of service they’d like to pay for at a time, eg monthly, quarterly, etc. Please let us know if there are any additions to these tools which would make managing your Sonic account easier. -Brian, Devin and Co.

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