Network connections for nas21 and nas22 have…

Fri Dec 4 13:45:14 PST 1998 — Network connections for nas21 and nas22 have been moved. We also utilized the opportunity to upgrade nas21’s power system so that its capacity may be agumented, as well as giving it a much-needed firmware upgrade. Multilink PPP across chassis (MPIP) seems to be working much better now.

Bolt’s move went well, and it’s been upgraded to a Pentium II/450 with 256mb of ram (the old system was a PPro-200/128), and has also been moved from 10mbit to 100mbit switched ethernet. There should be a noticeable performance improvement, especially during periods of heavy usage. The new system also includes redundant power and cooling, SMP capability, and a spiffy deathstar-black rackmount chassis. 🙂 In other news, while we were moving bolt, (the primary authentication/DNS server) started having some swap corruption problems and needed a reboot. There should have been no noticeable reduction in service, since the secondary auth/DNS server ( was functioning properly. Also, the news server ( had filesystem troubles, and some local posts may have been delayed while it was repaired. -Scott, Brian, Devin, Eric, Ian, Logan, Eli, Dane, Asa, Kat, and Arak (who doesn’t really work here)

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