Friday morning’s upgrade included an…

Sat Jan 23 15:00:31 PST 1999 — Friday morning’s upgrade included an operating system upgrade for Storm — aka — from Linux 2.0.35 to 2.2.0. This caused problems with Microsoft’s Frontpage 98 server extensions ‘for RedHat 3.0.3’. (RedHat 3.0.3 was a Linux 1.2.13 release dated March 2nd, 1996.)

The server extensions work (after much tweeking) with Linux 2.0.35. Unfortunately, they lose significant functionality with Linux 2.2.0.

We’ve reverted Storm to Linux 2.0.35, and we will open a dialogue with Microsoft about the compatibility issue. Sorry about the trouble; we didn’t anticipate this as a problem. Please visit for more discussion on this and other FrontPage issues. (The thread is entitled ‘FP98 broken??’.) -Scott

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