We’ve just brought online a new dialup number

Tue Feb 2 13:04:24 PST 1999 — We’ve just brought online a new dialup number serving West Sonoma County. The new number, 707-823-8812 replaces 707-887-0811 which will be decomissioned in the future. The new facilities offer v.90 and K56Flex support, plus ISDN. Sonic.net is not responsible for toll, so before using any Sonic.net dialup number, please check your telephone book or operator to assure that it’s local!

During these type of upgrades in the past, we’ve found customers who have v.90 or K56Flex modems, but who were connecting with v.34 may find previously unrevealed limitations in their modem. We recommend if you find yourself getting disconnected, or if your rate of speed decreases, you should contact your modem vendor. They may have a firmware upgrade which addresses any possible incompatibilities. If they don’t have an upgrade available, consider disabling v.90 and/or K56Flex and falling back to a stable v.34 connection instead. -Dane

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