We’re running behind on expansion of capacity

Mon Feb 8 18:01:40 PST 1999 — We’re running behind on expansion of capacity for our xxx-0174 (PacWest served) dialup numbers, and this is resulting in intermittant busy signals in some areas. More capacity is on order, and will be delivered by PacWest late this week. Meanwhile, in many areas where customers are using these numbers, there are alternate dialups, so if you find yourself experiencing a busy signal, you can check our POP finder for these numbers. The POP finder is at:


Right now, at 6:10pm, we’re at 79% utilization, so there’s no busy signals, but I expect it to get a bit tighter as the evening goes on. For those of you in areas only served by xxx-0174 numbers, thank you for your patience as we wait for the phone company! -Dane

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