In response to the media hype about the…

Mon Mar 29 22:59:08 PST 1999 — In response to the media hype about the Melissa virus, we’ve put up filtering in place on our inbound mail server to detect and remove email containing the Melissa virus. While we were at it, we added protection for Happy99.exe as well. In the past 30 minutes, we’ve blocked two live copies of Happy99.exe, but haven’t seen nor heard about any incidents of Melissa. For more on Melissa, see the article at the following (really long) URL:

CNN/IDG has reported a copy-cat virus called Papa which we’re also filtering for now. Boy, what a flood of nuisances. From CNN:

This type of filtering protection is designed to prevent our customers from having problems due to use of the Internet, but we’d still recommend that users run virus checkers and keep their system software up to date.

We’ve also turned on filtering for two types of SPAM. See the newsgroup news:sonic.spam-can.d for a complete description of this filtering.

All of these filters apply today only to mail delivered to addresses. If you use a domain name, these filters are not in place. We’ll be moving domain name email handling to add these features in a day or few. -Dane and Scott

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