After many users reported good luck with the…

Mon Apr 5 17:07:07 PDT 1999 — After many users reported good luck with the test line in Sebastopol, we did an upgrade of the equipment which serves the xxx-0174 numbers with this new software. This resulted in a flood of reports of trouble – it looks like the new software clears problems for many users, but causes many new troubles as well. We’ve gone back to the ‘stable’ firmware and it’s ongoing problems. We’ll keep seeking solutions here. Please see the MOTD entry on April 2nd for more information on the testing that we’re doing – we could use your input.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on Focal Communications for new lines to serve all areas currently served by xxx-0174 numbers. Once these lines are up, in any location you’ll be able to pick from two or more telephone companies and both USR and Livingston equipment. As a side benefit, X2 will be available in all locations, as well as K56Flex and v.90. Focal is currently projecting installation on the 25th of this month, and we’re pressing them to accelerate this installation. -Dane and Steve

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