We’re continuing to experience problems in…

Tue Apr 6 16:02:06 PDT 1999 — We’re continuing to experience problems in the Cloverdale area and some other North locations. We’ve observed customers connecting at ridiculously low rates of speed – 4800bps, 9600bps and even 2400bps, mostly out of Cloverdale. We’ve asked PacWest, the phone company serving the xxx-0174 numbers to resolve this trouble, and they’re opening a ticket with PacBell, but I don’t see a whole lot of progress happening.

We’re working hard to get the new lines and equipment with Focal online as quickly as possible. Previously, they had told us we would get final delivery on April 25th, and I’ve asked them to expedite. They today offered us a fee based after hours expedite for $1000, and we’ve given them this money to get it moving faster. It looks like we’ll be able to hit this Friday, the 9th. PacBell’s outside special services fellow has been really good about making this happen fast, but he says that realisticly, we’ll be lucky if we get it up by the end of the day tommorow. There’s a lot of people and groups to make move on this.

Internally, we’ve received today the new hardware – almost $30,000 worth of new USR gear for these Focal circuits. Steve is working right now to get them configured and ready for the circuits. Ian just ran the cross connect cables, so we’re going to be ready as soon as PacBell and Focal can deliver. Kudos to everyone who’s working hard and fast to get these new circuits online, and best of luck to PacWest in finding and resolving the issues with their trunks.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a situation where our customers can assist in getting PacBell and PacWest to resolve the slowdown situation. If you are located North of here and in the last couple days have started getting connections at rates of speed slower than 14,400 on the xxx-0174 numbers, I would like to ask you to call PacBell and open a trouble ticket.

Please let them know what number you are calling, and that it used to connect at a much higher rate of speed. They will issue you a ticket number, and likely tell you that it’s all your ISPs fault (it’s not). Please ask them to look into it regardless. I think that having PacBell customers to open trouble tickets will get us a faster resolution on this issue. Please follow up to news:sonic.help and let us know if you opened a ticket, and what resolution you got. -Dane

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