PacWest, the phone company serving the…

Sat Apr 24 12:51:21 PDT 1999 — PacWest, the phone company serving the xxx-0174 numbers will be doing a switch upgrade cutover on Sunday morning at 2:40AM. They expect downtime from 15-90 minutes for these numbers. For all customers served by these lines, we’ve got alternative numbers available, so please make note of them. We’d suggest using our POP finder to get a list of local access numbers for your location, and keep that on paper for cases like this. You can find the POP tool at:

If you haven’t changed your dialup number recently, it’s likely that we’ve got new recommended numbers for you which may perform faster than the number you’re using now. This is particularly true for customers dialing the xxx-0174 numbers, but it does apply to all customers. Do review the POP tool and note the numbers available for your area and give each of them a test run for speed. -Dane

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