Because of the smurf attack, we’re still…

Tue May 4 20:54:52 PDT 1999 — Because of the smurf attack, we’re still blocking ICMP echo replies to This means that ping and mtr will not function, but traceroute will. We’re taking steps to come up with a smurf protection which will allow these two diagnostic tools to continue to function.

For the people who are abusing IRC, let this serve as notice. We have reached the limits of our tolerance, and we will be cancelling accounts of customers who misbehave in IRC. Channel wars, bots and other attacks will not be tolerated, and your account will be deleted if you misbehave. It’s time to grow up. Your abuse is impacting other customers. For everone else, if you observe improper behavior on the shell server, please email and let us know. -Dane and Scott

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