We’re working on deployment of a massive new…

Wed Sep 15 12:08:32 PDT 1999 — We’re working on deployment of a massive new core network switch right now. The unit is an Extreme Networks Black Diamond 6800. This new core switch augments our existing Summit 48 from Extreme, which is now full. The Black Diamond supports up to 256 Ethernet ports running at speeds up to 100 Megabits full duplex, or up to 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports running at 1000 Megabits full duplex, or a mixture of both. It weighs in at over 100 pounds, has two new dedicated 208v circuits (Thanks O’Rourke Electric!) and the fan/blower array generates enough wind to mess up your hair. With a 64 Gigabit non-blocking backplane and capacity for over 48 million packets per second, it’s the fastest Ethernet switch available. In addition to conventional Ethernet layer two switching, the Black Diamond includes layer three TCP/IP routing at full wire speed. For techies who want to see more, including a photo of this monster, check out Extreme’s product info at:


Steve Johnson and Dave Jordan are working on the wiring of the patch bays for the new switch, and will be migrating some of our equipment over to it today. The migration is expected to be seamless, and will be done gradually over the next couple weeks. -Dane

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