We’ve added two new anti-SPAM defenses to the

Mon Oct 11 12:04:20 PDT 1999 — We’ve added two new anti-SPAM defenses to the primary mail server for Sonic.net. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of junk email that we’re all seeing in our mailboxes. These two new systems, the RSS (Relay Spam Stopper) and DUL (DialUp List) are intended to augment the RBL (Realtime Blackhole List) that we’ve been using for years. The RSS blocks systems which have been abused as third party relays. It’s similar to the RBL in this way. The DUL blocks direct email delivery by ISP dialups, as delivery should instead be coming from mail servers. This should help with the increasing volume of SPAM which is coming from direct delivery engines which run on dialup PCs. Currently only the RBL is in place for locally hosted domains other than Sonic.net – we’ll be working on getting the others implemented shortly. For discussions about anti-SPAM measures, please read and post to news://news.sonic.net/sonic.spam-can.d -Dane

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