The RedBack appears to have a failed packet…

Tue Oct 19 23:37:00 PDT 1999 — The RedBack appears to have a failed packet forwarding engine. The FE is one of the two main CPU cards – the control engine and the forwarding engine work together as the core of the SMS500. I’m awaiting a call back from RedBack’s 24 hour support group for confirmation. If the hardware is toasted, they’ll have to drive a replacement card up here, or I’ll have to go pick it up in the South Bay. Either way, I hope to get back online by 5AM at the latest. Sorry about the downtime! The unit is configured with dual redundant power supplies, and we’ve invested in a 24x7x365x4hr response support contract, so we have done what we can to get very quick response from RedBack in case of this type of failure. I’ll make an update here in the MOTD when I have more information. -Dane

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