I will be upgrading memory in…

Wed Nov 24 18:23:35 PST 1999 — I will be upgrading memory in thunder.sonic.net tonight to half a gigabyte. This will further improve performance for many multihomed websites. We are working now on deployment of a number of improvements for multihomed hosted sites including a really nice new stats package and a large new Alteon AceDirector 3 layer four switch. The L4 switch allows us to balance load between multiple web servers, which increases reliability and also gives us the ability to down servers for upgrades and maintenance transparently.

Multihomed customers already have enhanced quotas – an extra 50 megs of storage for each site, and an extra 200 megs per day of outbound served data transfers. We’ll continue to work to add value to this great service offering. -Dane, Kelsey and Scott

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