We will be performing maintenance on a number

Tue Nov 30 08:40:39 PST 1999 — We will be performing maintenance on a number of systems on Friday night, beginning at midnight. A number of machines are being upgraded, but most user services will be unaffected. However, serving of websites will be interrupted briefly as we upgrade these machines, and migrate them to a new layer 4 switch. This new switch allows us to balance load between many web servers, and means that we can down a server for maintenance (or have one crash due to hardware or software failure) without any perceived impact from the browsing end-user. This is a great enhancement to our hosting offering, and provides our customers with a really nice degree of redundancy. The L4 switch is Alteon’s AceDirector-3, a fast hardware based application layer switch. This ‘behind the scenes’ investment in our infrastructure will pay off for our customers as we continue to scale our offerings without excessive downtime or performance bottlenecks.

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