During network reconfiguration that should…

Wed Dec 1 12:01:54 PST 1999 — During network reconfiguration that should have been non-intrusive, our core gateway router, mega.sonic.net crashed and reloaded. We were changing the pathing to re-balance load on our circuit to Cable and Wireless as we work on ongoing latency troubles on our UUNet T3, and this isn’t an operation that should cause any problems in the router.

We’ve opened a support ticket with Cisco, and have asked their tech group to come up with some sort of reason for what happened. Downtime was four minutes and 42 seconds, during which Internet connectivity was now available. We’re very sorry for the interruption, and we’ll work with Cisco to come up with an explanation and to try to come up with some way to achieve more redundancy than we already have in our core structure. -Dane, Scott and Co.

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