During our night operations, we moved most of

Sat Dec 4 10:19:04 PST 1999 — During our night operations, we moved most of our core systems from our old Extreme Networks Summit 48 to the huge new Black Diamond switch. All of the systems except one were correct in auto-negotiating their full or half duplex 100 megabit fast ethernet settings. mega.sonic.net, our core Cisco router did not properly negotiate it’s link speed with the new switch. Because these settings were out of sync, as traffic increased into the AM hours, CRC errors began occuring on that connection, causing packet loss. I’ve manually overridden the auto-negotiated setting of half duplex in the switch, and will persue this with the switch vendor to figure out why the systems are failing to negotiate. The impact here has been slower than usual Internet connections this AM, and this has been resolved. Sorry about any inconveniance this may have caused!

The new Black Diamond switch is huge, with capacity to support up to 256 connections to systems running at 100 megabit at full speed. It’s non-blocking architecture allows for up to 64 gigabits of traffic in total, or full wire speed on all circuits all at once. Gigabit ethernet on fiber is also supported for up to 48 ports which could be connected to other large switches or directly to huge servers with high bandwidth needs. This is the largest enterprise network switch that we’re aware of on the market, and it provides Sonic.net with a great new core structure. -Dane

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