After this AM’s card swap at PacBell, as the…

Fri Dec 10 19:08:31 PST 1999 — After this AM’s card swap at PacBell, as the circuit load went up during the day, we’ve been seeing poor performance on the SMDS T3 here. I spent most of the day on the phone troubleshooting with Cisco, ADC Kentrox, PacBell and UUNet, and we seem to be reaching a consensus that the ADC CSU/DSU at the UUNet end of the circuit appears to be the source of the problem. We brought additional T1 capacity online today, and this relieved the circuit quite a bit, so performance today was a bit better overall than yesterday, with packet loss at around 3% and latency averaging 50ms.

I’m testing the circuit right now however, and I’m seeing performance around 11ms with no loss, which is wonderful. UUNet is supposed to be working with ADC right now, so it may be that they’ve found the trouble. I’ll put an update in the MOTD when I have full information. -Dane

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