The new OS version for our Cisco core router…

Fri Feb 25 01:43:46 PST 2000 — The new OS version for our Cisco core router did not perform well, and we had to go back to the older release. The 100Mbps Ethernet interface was massively impacted under the new release, and the system was basicly unreachable. We spoke with Cisco, and have sent them a tech dump for analysis. Right now, a nice Cisco engineer named Dave in the England is analyzing the information and doing tests to duplicate and eliminate the problem. He says he should have some results by the end of his workday, 5PM GMT, 9AM PST, so if things go well there we should have information before we return to the office for our own workday. We’ll make any required changes and will try again this Saturday night after midnight.

We’ve put off the power supply swap in the news server until Saturday because we took longer than expected testing OS releases on the Cisco. -Dane and Scott

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