We are planning a massive power plant upgrade

Tue Mar 7 17:52:12 PST 2000 — We are planning a massive power plant upgrade for our data center that will be implemented this Sunday morning between 2am and 3am. Many services will remain online including core routing, dialup access, DNS, shell and multihomed web hosting. Mail, FTP and Usenet will be offline. Expected power downtime is actually just about two minutes, but we expect the actual service downtime for these services to be around 20 minutes as we coordinate shutdown and restart of servers. The two minute outage is scheduled to begin at 2:15AM PST, Sunday March 12th.

This upgrade brings us to a redundant dual UPS configuration which eliminates the current potential for a point of failure in a single UPS. It also gives us the ability to add additional battery runtime, and it deals with some concerns about weight as the battery plant grows. -Dane, Scott, Eli and the rest of the ops (we’ll all be here!)

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