One of the mail servers in our group of four…

Tue Apr 4 14:26:10 PDT 2000 — One of the mail servers in our group of four ran into issues this afternoon. The symptom was mail being bounced with a ‘user unknown’ message. It’s important to note that no mail was lost or misdelivered during this period, and the return message would lead remote users to attempt redelivery. We have three systems in place to prevent this issue, including our Alteon load-balancing switch, and we are working with Alteon now to obtain a warranty replacement for our unit. In addition, we have been working all morning to bring up new hosts to replace the servers in place, and the failed machine, ‘’ was slated for an OS upgrade this very afternoon. The timing was unfortunate, as the work in progress will eliminate this issue for good. — Eli, Scott, Kelsey

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