This Sunday morning after 12:30AM, we will be

Fri Jun 9 18:03:48 PDT 2000 — This Sunday morning after 12:30AM, we will be upgrading and rebooting our core DSL router. This will result in three to five minutes of downtime for PacBell DSL and Broadlink DSL customers, as well as T1 customers connected via FR/ATM.

Next, we’ll be shutting down our new NetApp filer, to move our 1.1 Terabyte tape changer to it’s SCSI bus for backups. This will pause FTP availability for two to three minutes.

Then, we’ll be migrating user email and web data from the current NetApp filer to the new filer. This will result in read-only availability of web and mail space for 5-10 minutes each, then downtime for one to two minutes while the NFS mount points are moved.

Scott and Kelsey will be doing the work on Sunday morning. -Dane

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