More on NetApp upgrade.

Sat Jun 10 22:42:19 PDT 2000 — More on NetApp upgrade. We have seriously underestimated the amount of time to migrate web and mail space to the new NetApp. New estimates based on timing of full mirrorings (including deleting files that no longer exist on fridge): /nfs/www/realaudio 2 minutes /nfs/www/WWW-data: 5 minutes /nfs/www/httpd: 15 minutes /nfs/mail: 2 hours /nfs/www/WWW_pages: 4 hours These estimates are based on timing our continuous updates since Wednesday. Times are not cumulative, as we will be running these updates in parallel. Based on that, here is the upgrade schedule: From 1am-3am: /nfs/mail will be read-only. This means you will be able to read and send email, but will not be able to delete messages from your mailbox. Incoming mail will be queued on our local servers and delivered at 3am. From 1am-5am: /nfs/www will be read-only. Web pages can be accessed, but you won’t be able to make any changes. Further, cgi-bins that write data to files under /nfs/www won’t be able to do so. We apologize for misestimating the amount of time to complete this upgrade. These are also based on ‘worse-case’ scenarios, so downtime will probably be less than we estimate. -Dane,Scott,Kelsey

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